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Feedback based on our Personal Experience


  • Caution! Cords on Window Blinds:  Tails can easily get caught as their tails get wound up it in the cord. There have been noted issues with cats and have lost part of their tail due to this.

  • Dryer:  Be careful as I have heard of several people loosing the kitten to the mighty but dangerous dryer.

  • Human Food: Sphynx think they are human and they will steal your food. Look away and you will see a paw-paw reaching up to fish something off of your plate.

  • Nails: Your sphynx should have their nails trimmed and cleaned regularly. They will get  black waxy build-up on their nails, and this is normal for the breed but needs cleaned. I use a soft tooth brush. 

  • Eyes: Sphynx tend to have eye boogers as they do not have eyelashes to protect their eyes from dirt. You can cleanse around their eyes with a warm washcloth.

  • Ears: If your Sphynx cat smells musty/stinks, try checking their ears. Yeast infections, bacterial infections, and ear mite infestations are some examples of ear conditions that may emit foul odors. If you notice the kitten itching or rubbing their ears, a good sign of ear mites.  Zymox is a good brand to use as ear wax is hard to remove.

  • Teeth: Important to continue brushing their teeth.  Use finger cot toothbrush if you need to.  This not only takes care of the teeth and breath but stimulates baby teeth to fall out and new teeth in! 

  • Litterbox: It is imperative that their box is cleaned daily. Remember, feline illnesses live in the litter box. Some cats will also find some other place to go, if the box is not clean.

  • Upper Respiratory: Kittens may stress when they are going to a new home. Plus, kittens don't have a strong immune system so I use probiotics and vitamins and add to their food. Occasionally they will start sneezing, cough or have runny eyes. Usually, they will get over this but always have your vet check. Reminder to always have your vet look at the kitten 72 hours, after picking your kitten up. 

  • Caution: These loving kittens require and crave attention! They don't like to be alone. If you are busy at work or school, we recommend having two cats or another animal for them to play and snuggle with. 

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