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Hi! We are Tom and Taunya Bejma. We set up South Meowtain Cattery in Bostic, NC in 2020 to provide an incredible experience for Sphynx lovers and owners.  Our love of animals and breeding for quality in the breed had us looking for a healthy, handsome King and Queens to breed.  From there we had our first litter in early 2020 with our loved King and Queen, Manny and Ahmanet, and thoroughly enjoyed their 5 kittens!

Manny ended up staying with our family member and we decided to start getting serious about breeding.  This led us to our gorgeous King - Ozias with his beautiful odd eyes (blue and yellow).  In 2023 we added Tivan as a King with his Copper and Blue Odd Eyes! Yes, we do still have Ash and Bo as mighty Kings as well. Check out our King and Queen page!

The health of your new family's kitty is our primary concern. We keep all of our cats and kittens up to date on health care. This means taking care of all necessary vet inspections/shots/exams. All of our adults have annual HCM scans. 

 We back our kittens with a generous 90 day return and a year health guarantee for a year on any congenital/hereditary illness.  Plus a HCM guarantee!

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